Bedlam Furnaces

The Bedlam Furnaces are located close to the centre of Ironbridge and are part of the World Heritage Site which attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. The site has been a Grade II* Listed Building since 1968 and a Scheduled Ancient Monument since 1973 (Shropshire Monument 340) and was from an early date included as part of the Severn Gorge Repairs Project. The historic remains within the site are of major historical importance and their fragility necessitated special care when carrying out work in their vicinity.

A report commissioned by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust and prepared by Arrol and Snell Ltd, Conservation Architects concluded that a permanent roof covering was by far the best option for the long term preservation of the Furnace site and that the best method of producing this was by means of a lightweight roof covering supported by a minimalist steel framework with the bulk of the below ground foundation interventions being carried out in the lower car park area.

The roof structure provides suitable conditions for the long term conservation and consolidation of the Monument, and is aesthetically and visually exciting and in accordance with the long seated industrial design traditions of the area. Construction work on the project was completed in 2017.

JPP (CDM) Ltd were employed by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust and Arrol and Snell Ltd to advise the Client and Principal Designer on the requirements of the CDM Regulations and construction health and safety issues generally. We have been involved in the design process, preparing the pre-construction information package with documentation on site constraints, advising on the provision of safe maintenance facilities and buildability issues related to the delivery of large steel members to an inaccessible location in the World Heritage Site.

Coalbrookdale by night by Phillip James de Loutherbourg. The Bedlam Furnaces in 1801. The view is downstream along the River Severn from the town of Ironbridge.

Rendered image

Completed project

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