Song School Chester Cathedral

Client: The Dean and Chapter
The New Song School was constructed above the existing Chapter House Vestibule, Slype and old Song Practice Room. These ground floor rooms date from the 13th Century and are fully vaulted. The Day Stairs, which originally lead up to the first floor Dormitory, were utilised to provide permanent access to the new accommodation. The Dormitory area referred to above had long since been demolished and a reinforced concrete flat roof, which had to be carefully removed, covered the area. The existing buildings are Grade I listed, they are of major historical importance and their fragility necessitated special care when carrying out work in their vicinity, in particular rain water could not be allowed to penetrate into the mediaeval structures.

In addition to the regular duties under the CDM Regulations we assisted the client in interviewing prospective Principal Contractors to establish competency and capability to carry out the work. We also participated in the design of a temporary weathertight structure, which incorporated an overhead crane, erected over the mediaeval structures for the duration of the works.